Good morning, Europe! The night train map with connections from Aberdeen to Zagreb.

Travelling by train saves CO2 and (if the train is not completely full) nerves. Travelling by night train is even more relaxing. You can even do it across Europe. For a map overview, we at Büro des Präsidenten have started this little project. More precisely, we are continuing it. This interactive map is based on the printed version that we developed for Anna Deparnay-Grunenberg and Daniel Freund, Members of the European Parliament (Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament). Some time ago, we revised the analogue version of this map as a poster on the basis of an extensive database, the contents of which were made available to us by the staff of the two MEPs. Afterwards, this digital version was created with the kind permission of the two MPs‘ offices.

You can select individual lines and view details such as journey time, intermediate stops, classes, operators, weekly frequency and booking links.  At best, the map is meant to inspire for your next trip. It does not claim to be exhaustive.

People who would like to support us editorially or in the web development of the project should write an email to We are looking forward to your feedback and are open for possible cooperations!

last update: 06.2023